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Sky Overseas, the renowned education consultants in Hyderabad has gone places internationally as the best overseas consultancy service provider in Hyderabad. It has become an eminent leader in the field of overseas educational consultancy by its commitment to translating dreams of those aspiring students to study abroad. Integrity, straightforwardness, honesty and transparency are what we hold dear in delivering our, especially USA visa consultancy services and overseas study consultancy to students who wish to study abroad.



Now get set and start chasing your dreams of studying abroad. Write to us and get more information about the courses, graduate, under-graduate, master degree programs, MBA, and other professional courses that you dreamt of pursuing in countries of your choice.

WHAT is the Process

Application Process

We provide you comprehensive guidance and counseling regarding courses degrees and professional courses available in what universities and colleges and in which countries. We also provide you the info on fee structure, scholarships available, admissions processes, the beginning of admissions,

Getting done with Application Process

Filling up an application is no big deal. You can do it yourself.

Getting Application Forms

You can either download the application forms from the respective universities’ websites.

Filling up an Application Form

Get the application form photocopied. Keep the original aside. Learn to fill up the photocopied application forms.

Writing Your Name

Normally, Indian students get confused about the "Name" part. What we call as "Surname" is called as "Family name" or "Last name" in other countries.

US Academic Naming System

The four-year undergraduate study in US is known with a name and year-wise. The first year is known as FRESHMAN.


Sky Overseas, the finest study visa consultants and study overseas consultants have successfully helped hundreds and thousands of aspiring students in securing visas to study abroad.