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Getting done with Application Process

Filling up an application is no big deal. You can do it yourself. However if you get confused or unable to understand how to go in filling up an application form without errors, you can get the expertise assistance at Sky Overseas.

The best time to start the filling up process of application forms of universities begin at least two to three months before the end of the 1st deadline date of the universities.

Getting Application Forms

  • You can either download the application forms from the respective universities’ websites.
  • You can get these forms directly from the universities by writing to them much in advance clearly indicating the semester and the course you are seeking admission at the college.
  • Most of the time, universities advice students to download the application forms from their websites and or may ask you to apply online.

Filling up an Application Form

  • Get the application form photocopied. Keep the original aside. Learn to fill up the photocopied application forms. Once you are confident that you can fill up the original form without errors. Go ahead and fill up the original form.
  • Before filling up the application form, find out what documents that the concerned university is asking of you in support of your claims. Then keep all the photocopies of relevant documents ready to be attached with the application form.

Writing Your Name

  • Normally, Indian students get confused about the “Name” part.
  • What we call as “Surname” is called as “Family name” or “Last name” in other countries.
  • Also the “Middle Name” is confusing. That is a part of your name that was given along with your First name or the commonly called name.
  • Example: Rama Rao S. Here Rama is the FIRST NAME, while Rao is the SECOND NAME and S which stands for your surname is called LAST NAME OR FAMILY NAME. (Kindly expand your surname)

US Academic Naming System

  • The four-year undergraduate study in US is known with a name and year-wise. The first year is known as FRESHMAN. 2nd year is known as SOPHOMORE. 3rd year is known as JUNIOR. And 4th year is known as SENIOR year.
  • hile indicating percentages/grades or GPA, you need to be careful about what year information you are providing. Hence it is essential to know which year is called with what name.

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